Redesigning the Flames brand, a brazilian steakhouse, was a great challenge. In addition to the aesthetics, we focus on a better market positioning, more segmented and modern. For this, we identified that a brand with more personality was necessary. Just as we expect a more Japanese experience, besides gastronomy, when we go to a Japanese restaurant, the same is to be expected when we are in environments of other nationalities. Experience is the key to everything.
In the process of its constuction and some assets of the visual identity, we use the charcoal used in brazilian barbecue (churrasco)  bringing personality and exclusivity.
How to create an unique and harmonious identity by uniting the flame present in the name, the brazilian experience and the gastronomy as a product? Check out how we solve this challenge.

Designer: Carlos Eduardo Xavier de Mello
Serviço/Status: Visual Id. Project
Cliente/Client: Flames Brazilian Steakhouse
Ano/Year: 2019

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